Inviting a Lieutenancy visit

The Lord-Lieutenant is always pleased to be invited to visit voluntary, statutory, or business organisations in Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes. Invitations should be sent to him via the Lieutenancy Office.

The Lord-Lieutenant is not able to accept all invitations but where possible the Vice Lord-Lieutenant or a Deputy Lieutenant may be able to attend on behalf of the Lord-Lieutenant. 

Scope of Events

The Lord-Lieutenant, Vice Lord-Lieutenant and deputies attend events on behalf of Her Majesty The Queen and promote charitable and voluntary work in Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes. They also attend military events supporting the Army, Navy and Air Force but also the Royal British Legion, the Territorial Army, Reserve Forces and Cadets. They support the Emergency Services.


They also attend Civic and religious events such as Civic Dinners, Mayor Makings, Church Installations and Faith Celebrations. Young People and Education are other key areas of support. By attending the events, the Lieutenancy is able to understand more fully the activities undertaken by an organsation and how best it may support and add value.

Etiquette and protocol

The Lord-Lieutenant represents Her Majesty The Queen. When the Lord-Lieutenant is attending in an official capacity in Buckinghamshire he is received with broadly the same protocol as a member of the Royal Family. He takes precedence over other civic dignitaries or guests at official events and is to be met on arrival by the host.


The Lord-Lieutenant has a Vice Lord-Lieutenant, and 36 Deputy Lieutenants all of whom support the Lord-Lieutenant in the performance of his public duties. Where the Lord-Lieutenant is unable to attend and is represented by the Vice Lord-Lieutenant, or a Deputy Lieutenant, the same etiquette and protocol is followed.

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