HM Lord-Lieutenant of Buckinghamshire, Sir Henry Aubrey-Fletcher

Henry Aubrey-Fletcher lives and works in Buckinghamshire. He is director of a range of companies involved in rural economic activity including farming, property management, a nursing home and leisure. He spent thirty years in radio broadcasting both for the BBC and ILR. He was a founding director of Mix 96 in Aylesbury.


​In public life nationally he takes a keen interest in the historic and natural environment. He represented the CLA on the National Trust Council for 11 years serving as Chairman of the Properties Committee and then as Deputy Chairman of the Trust. He was the founding Chairman of the Buckinghamshire & Milton Keynes Natural Environment Partnership and chairs the Bucks Rural Affairs Group (BRAG).


He is a trustee of rural estates in the private, NGO and public sectors  He has been the Prime Minister’s Appointed Trustee at Chequers since 1997.

Patronages and Presidencies

The Lord-Lieutenant is Patron or President of many organisations and charities across Buckinghamshire including Heart of Bucks (the Buckinghamshire Community Foundation), the Milton Keynes Community Foundation, the Buckinghamshire Military Museum Trust, Action 4 Youth, Leap and Bletchley Park.

The role of the Lord-Lieutenant of Buckinghamshire

The Lord-Lieutenant is the permanent representative of Her Majesty The Queen in Buckinghamshire.  It is an honorary appointment. Sir Henry was appointed Lord-Lieutenant in 2006. 


​The Lord-Lieutenant attends Her Majesty The Queen, Members of the Royal Family and visiting Heads of State during visits to the County and makes all the arrangements for their visits.


The Lord-Lieutenant acts for Her Majesty The Queen in carrying out certain duties, mainly ceremonial, in connection with the Armed Forces and in presenting Honours and Awards.


In general Lord-Lieutenants follow the example of Her Majesty The Queen in promoting a good atmosphere and a spirit of co-operation in all walks of life in the County.  In particular they encourage voluntary activity, voluntary service and charitable organisations.  They also take an interest in the business, commercial and social life of the County.


Go to The Buckinghamshire Lieutenancy for more information about the work of the Lord-Lieutenant.

Forms of Address

• Written:·Sir Henry Aubrey-Fletcher, Her Majesty’s Lord-Lieutenant for Buckinghamshire

• Salutation:·Dear Lord-Lieutenant,

• Spoken:·A speech might begin: “Lord-Lieutenant, Ladies and Gentlemen….”

• Conversation:·he is addressed as “Lord-Lieutenant” or “Sir Henry”.


The Lieutenancy Officer can advise on invitations and all matters of protocol.

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