Planning a Royal visit

Accepted invitations

Once an invitation has been accepted, the appropriate Royal Household will advise the Lord-Lieutenant and the organisation of a date when the member of the Royal Family wishes to visit.

The Lord-Lieutenant is responsible for making all the arrangements for a visit to Buckinghamshire by a member of the Royal Family. The Lieutenancy Officer, will make the arrangements direct with the Royal Household, the host organisation and the Police.

At this early stage of the proceedings, all details relating to the venue and the visit are STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL and no details should be given to anyone that is not involved in the visit.

The Lieutenancy Officer will make contact with the host organisation and will arrange to meet the hosts to work on a draft programme for submission to the Royal Household. The Lieutenancy is responsible for coordinating the arrangements for a Royal Visit to Buckinghamshire and forms the link between with the Royal Household, the host organisation and the Police. Planning a Royal Visit will involve a lot of detailed work. The Lieutenancy Officer will give guidance and support throughout the planning process and on the day of the visit.

Once the Royal Visit is confirmed and all arrangements are in place, the details of the visit will be included on the official British Monarchy website.   Approximately one week before a member of the Royal Family is due to visit the County, details will be added to the Buckinghamshire Lieutenancy website for general information.

Refused invitations

If your invitation is refused – as many sadly must be – it will not be sent on automatically to another Member of the Royal Family. You may extend it yourself to another Member, even if the second invitee is more senior than the first, although discretion should be exercised in extending subsequent invitations and you may find it helpful to consult the Deputy Clerk if you are considering this course of action.

Duplicated invitations

On occasions organisations issue an invitation for a member of The Royal Family to visit, only to find another member of that organisation has already issued, and had accepted, an invitation to a third party. This can cause considerable embarrassment. It is strongly advised that when a Royal invitation is being planned, everyone in management of the event is aware of the intention to issue an invitation to a member of the Royal Family, to prevent embarrassment to all concerned.

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