Lady Lord-Lieutenants and female Vice Lord- Lieutenants wear a Badge of Office rather than a uniform to indicate their position. 

This badge features the Tudor rose surmounted with a crown on a bow of white and magenta.


On formal occasions the Lord-Lieutenant can be recognised by his uniform, usually  navy blue with scarlet stripes on the  trousers and a scarlet band round the peaked cap.

The uniform is  based on the No 1 dress uniform of an Army officer.

Recognising the Lieutenancy

The Lord-Lieutenant is The Queen’s personal representative within Buckinghamshire and should be accorded the same etiquette and protocol, as any member of the Royal Family, when he is attending any event in Buckinghamshire in his official capacity.

Where the Lord-Lieutenant is unable to attend he may be represented by his Vice Lord-Lieutenant or a Deputy Lieutenant, where the same etiquette and protocol should be followed.

The Lieutenancy office is able to give advice on all aspects of protocols and procedures and can be contacted by phone or e-mail. There is also detailed written guidance available to hosts planning a visit from the Lord-Lieutenant or his representative.


The Vice Lord-Lieutenant and male Representative Deputy Lieutenants may wear a similar uniform.

Men and women officers of the Lieutenancy holding Navy, Army or Air Force Rank of Colonel (or equivalent) or above are entitled to wear the appropriate uniform in lieu of the Lieutenancy dress.

There is no uniform for female Deputy Lieutenants.


Deputy Lieutenants carrying out civic duties in civilian dress may wear a Deputy Lieutenant’s badge. The men wear the badge with a neck ribbon and ladies wear the badge as a brooch

England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have different badges. The English Lieutenancy badge is shown here.

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