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Lady Howe was brought up in Buckinghamshire enjoying a childhood filled with many delights including ponies and hockey. Educated at Headington School Oxford, she moved away to complete a BEd Hons degree at Cambridge, and her early teaching career took her to Newmarket and London. 
Marriage to Frederick Curzon in 1983 was quickly followed by his inheritance of the title Earl Howe, which led to a move back into Buckinghamshire to run the family estate in Penn and bring up a family of four children.
Involving herself in local schools as a Governor, and a volunteer music teacher, Lady Howe also immersed herself in the work of a range of local charities.
She was made a Deputy Lieutenant of Buckinghamshire in 1995 and had the honour of serving as High Sheriff for the year 2010-11.  These two positions as well as her recent Chairmanship of Heart of Bucks, the Community Foundation for Buckinghamshire, have given her a deeper insight into the challenges facing the county and joys of living in such a beautiful area. Equally, as Milton Keynes has grown she has enjoyed discovering the vibrant and exciting city in the north of the county.
In her role Lady Howe enjoys celebrating Buckinghamshire, its businesses and charitable organisations, its history and culture and to meeting the people who make this such a special place to live.

Protocol and Addressing the Lord-Lieutenant

The Lord-Lieutenant is The Sovereign’s personal representative within Buckinghamshire and should be accorded the same etiquette and protocol, as any member of the Royal Family, when she is attending any event in Buckinghamshire in her official capacity.

Where the Lord-Lieutenant is unable to attend she may be represented by her Vice Lord-Lieutenant or a Deputy Lieutenant, where the same etiquette and protocol should be followed.

Further queries on Etiquette and Protocol should be referred to the Assistant Clerk to the Lieutenancy.

Full style (introduction) and Written address

The Countess Howe, His Majesty’s Lord-Lieutenant of Buckinghamshire


Dear Lord-Lieutenant or Dear Lady Howe


In the preamble the Lord-Lieutenant is sometimes referred to as 'My Lord-Lieutenant'

Form of Address

Initially, “Lord-Lieutenant” followed by “Ma’am” (to rhyme with jam) or “Lady Howe” subsequently, unless asked to do otherwise.


  • Incorrect Style: It is incorrect to use Countess Howe’s given name in association with the title Countess or Lady; i.e Elizabeth, Countess Howe; Countess Elizabeth Howe; Lady Elizabeth Howe should not be used. Please refer to Assistant Clerk for clarification.

  • Lieutenant is pronounced “'LEF-tenant'”, not “LEW-tenant”.

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