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The King’s Award for Enterprise celebrates outstanding achievement by UK businesses and is internationally recognised. Honouring outstanding UK companies, they encourage the development of British business and recognise companies in four categories:

International trade

Demonstrating growth in overseas earnings.

Proven commercial success through innovative products or services.

Sustainable development
Integrating environmental, social, economic and management aspects of sustainable development into their business.

Promoting opportunity (through social mobility)  


The awards are made each year by The King, on the advice of the Prime Minister assisted by an Advisory Committee that includes representatives of Government, industry and commerce, and the trade unions. Winners enjoy a range of benefits, including worldwide recognition and extensive press coverage.


Winners are announced on the 6th May to celebrate The King's Coronation.


Successful winners are informed shortly before the announcement and invited to a reception at Buckingham Palace.


Buckinghamshire businesses usually receive the Award and their Grant of Appointment from the Lord-Lieutenant at a special ceremony normally arranged at the winner’s headquarters.

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