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The Lord Lieutenant is keen to celebrate significant achievement and to promote community engagement throughout the wider community through attendance at events, by making presentations, presiding over ceremonies, and performing official visits. 

Lord-Lieutenant Attendance

Please always try to give as much notice as possible when requesting attendance from the Lord-Lieutenant of Buckinghamshire as sadly not all invitations can be accepted.

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Guidance for Receiving the Lord-Lieutenant

When attending events as the representative of The King, the Lord-Lieutenant must be received with the etiquette and protocol that would be extended to a member of the Royal Family.


Traditional Protocol To Follow

When attending an official ceremony or formal occasion, including award presentations and processions, the Lord-Lieutenant takes precedence over other guests.


On arrival, the Lord-Lieutenant should be received by a named person, usually the host, and should continue to be accompanied throughout the entire engagement. The Lord-Lieutenant will arrive at a designated time that is slightly later than the other guests and should be the last person to take their seat.


Church Services

When attending church services, the Lord-Lieutenant always enters the church last, shortly before the service begins and should be seated on the front row. The Lord-Lieutenant is expected to be the first person to leave following the service (after the clergy).


When attending a funeral, the Lord-Lieutenant should be seated on the front row of the church on the opposite side to the family and will leave the church immediately after the family.

Addressing the Lord-Lieutenant

Full style (introduction) and Written address: The Countess Howe, His Majesty’s Lord-Lieutenant of Buckinghamshire

Salutation: Dear Lord-Lieutenant or Dear Lady Howe

Speech: In the preamble the Lord-Lieutenant is sometimes referred to as 'My Lord-Lieutenant'

Form of Address: Initially, “Lord-Lieutenant” followed by “Ma’am” (to rhyme with jam) or “Lady Howe” subsequently, unless asked to do otherwise.


  • Incorrect Style: It is incorrect to use Countess Howe’s given name in association with the title Countess or Lady; i.e Elizabeth, Countess Howe; Countess Elizabeth Howe; Lady Elizabeth Howe should not be used. Please refer to Assistant Clerk for clarification.

  • Lieutenant is pronounced “'LEF-tenant'”, not “LEW-tenant”.


Necessary Details

To allow events to run smoothly for the comfort of everyone, it is important to provide all the necessary details of the visit in advance including:


  • Dress code

  • Time and date

  • Parking details (the Lord-Lieutenant will arrive by car, for which a space must be provided)

  • Accurate venue details

  • Detailed notes for any speech the Lord-Lieutenant is expected to deliver

  • The name of the host who will be meeting the Lord-Lieutenant

  • Details of the meeting point.


The protocol is helpful in making sure hosts and guests feel comfortable during a visit from the Lord-Lieutenant and uphold the dignity of the Crown.

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