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Guidance for Receiving the Vice Lord-Lieutenant

It is important to follow an established protocol when the Vice Lord-Lieutenant attends events on behalf of the Lord-Lieutenant of Buckinghamshire.


Traditional Protocol To Follow

If the Vice Lord-Lieutenant of Buckinghamshire is taking part in an official ceremony or occasion, such as an awards event or a procession, they should be given precedence over other guests.


The Vice Lord-Lieutenant should be met by a named person at a previously agreed time, taking their seat after all other guests and would usually be escorted for the duration of the visit.


Church Services

The Vice Lord-Lieutenant should always be the last person to enter the church at an official service, taking their seat slightly ahead of the start of the service. The Vice Lord-Lieutenant would traditionally be given a seat on the front row of the church. Following protocol, the Vice Lord-Lieutenant should leave ahead of other guests and immediately after the clergy.


At a funeral it is accepted that the Vice Lord-Lieutenant will be seated at the front of the church, on the opposing side to family members. Following the funeral service, the Vice Lord-Lieutenant will leave the church immediately after the family.


Addressing the Vice Lord-Lieutenant

When addressing the Vice Lord-Lieutenant the accepted protocol is as follows:

On introduction: Sir Francis Habgood, His Majesty’s Vice Lord-Lieutenant of Buckinghamshire

In writing: Sir Francis Habgood, QPM DL, His Majesty’s Vice Lord-Lieutenant of Buckinghamshire

Salutation: Dear Vice Lord-Lieutenant

In a speech preamble: Vice Lord-Lieutenant, ladies and gentlemen

Conversation, on formal occasions: Vice Lord-Lieutenant, followed thereafter by Sir Francis or Sir

Necessary Details

To allow events to run smoothly for the comfort of everyone, it is important to provide all the necessary details of the visit in advance including:

  • Dress code

  • Time and date

  • Parking details (the Vice Lord-Lieutenant will arrive by car, for which a space must be provided)

  • Accurate venue details

  • Detailed notes for any speech the Vice Lord-Lieutenant is expected to deliver

  • The name of the host who will be meeting the Vice Lord-Lieutenant

  • Details of the meeting point.

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