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Buckinghamshire welcomes three new Deputy Lieutenants

Three new Deputy Lieutenants for Buckinghamshire have just been appointed.

They are His Honour Judge Michael Antony Hughes, Dr Julie Mills, OBE and Miss Naomi Riches, MBE.

They receive their commission to take on the role as Deputy Lieutenants from The Countess Howe, HM Lord-Lieutenant of Buckinghamshire.

Deputy Lieutenants are chosen from across Buckinghamshire to support the work of the Lord-Lieutenant and promote the wellbeing of the county. Reflecting a broad range of services to the community, cultural background, ethnic mix, gender and social range, their local and specialist knowledge and experience is increasingly being used to positive effect in key sectors ranging from education to youth services, and from business to the rural economy. They are the eyes and ears of the Lieutenancy in our local communities and liaise closely with many organisations throughout the County. Covering Milton Keynes in the north to South Buckinghamshire there are currently 27 Deputy Lieutenants.

Congratulating the new Deputy Lieutenants on their appointments, Lady Howe said:

“These Deputy Lieutenant appointments come with my warmest wishes for a successful and rewarding period in office. Each brings a wealth of experience and a commitment to serving the community and have so much to offer the county. I look forward to working with them for the benefit of our communities”

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