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Farewell From Sir Henry Aubrey-Fletcher

Lord- Lieutenant Sir Henry Aubrey-Fletcher, Her Majesty The Queen’s official representative in Buckinghamshire steps down after 14 years in the role, preceded by 9 years as Vice Lord-Lieutenant.

All members of the Lieutenancy are required to retire when they turn 75 and Sir Henry reaches that milestone on the 27th of November.

In a farewell message, he said:

“I am leaving a role that it has been my honour and privilege to hold. My time in office has allowed me to meet the most wonderful people across Buckinghamshire, who have nothing but the best interests of our community in mind. It has been a great joy to be invited into the lives of so wide a variety of people, and it is a chapter of my life that I shall never forget. I have received nothing but kindness and support throughout, and I feel most fortunate to have had this opportunity to serve Her Majesty the Queen in this County.

“I wish my successor Lady Howe success and happiness. She has been an active member of the Lieutenancy since her appointment as a DL in 1995 and is a wonderful advocate for this very special county. It is also an historic day for Buckinghamshire as we will be welcoming our first ever female Lord-Lieutenant.”

“I thank fellow members of the Buckinghamshire Lieutenancy for all their support, and my wife Bobbie and family for their encouragement. Above all, I thank the people of Buckinghamshire, for all that they do for our extraordinary county.”

Lady Howe was appointed by Her Majesty The Queen in June.

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